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 Christian Patrick’s most recent work was starring in “Interior. Leather Bar.” which was selected to appear at Sundance in the New Frontier program.

The film was inspired by William Friedkin’s controversial 1980 gay murder mystery “Cruising”.  Based on the novel by Gerald Walker, the movie starred Al Pacino as a police detective who goes undercover in the gay S&M sex scene to investigate the serial murders of gay men within the subculture.

Franco teamed with director Travis Mathews to reimagine 40 minutes of film that were lost during a battle with the MPAA to get an R rating.  Mathews, who plays himself and directs, and Franco, who also plays himself and produces, worked together to recreate those scenes while examining Franco’s and the cast’s reactions to the material.

Christian played Master Avery, the character who represents the edgier side of the gay bar scene.  His interactions with Val Lauren, the actor reprising the Al Pacino role, showcase the tension between homophobia and erotic energy in both the filming and recreation of the movie’s lost scenes.

An art cut of the film debut at CoSTUME NATIONAL’s “NEW NO DARK WAVE” exhibition on September 10th.  Given the world’s fascination with James Franco’s artistic choices, the film is receiving intense media attention.

Interior. Leather Bar. Official Website